Young Writers, This Blog is for You

Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

Hello, reader. I’m Laura Genn.

I have a story to tell—but more importantly, so do you.

This blog is for both the electric moment that you conceptualize your hero and the painful sizzle of your motivation. It’s for lending wings to your dreams and ensuring that they can actually fly. It’s for the magic and the mess, the writing and the revisions, the victory laps and the tears in the bathroom that you’re loathe to admit.

It’s advice. It’s experience. It’s questions I don’t have the answers for yet. It’s reasons to keep writing.

If you have a story to tell—especially if you’re a teenager, like I was when I started “The Fire Breathes”—this blog is a safe place for you to tend that flame of inspiration until it bursts brilliantly into life. We’re in this thing together.

I’m still developing a consistent posting schedule here, but expect weekly or bi-weekly posts about all things storytelling. Subscribe to get notifications in your email inbox whenever I post, and please, reach out to me on Twitter. If you’re spending your precious time on my weird little corner of the Internet, I want to know your name.