Dragon book aesthetic

After a bitter war, the bridge between dragons and men was shattered, severing the two worlds. Unbeknownst to him, sixteen-year-old Kasae Tarren is the only one who can reunite the realms. Adopted, unwelcome, he’s desperate to belong and willing to suppress his unexplained fire magic to do it. But when lightning strikes, Kasae sprouts scales to protect himself, revealing his true lineage. He’s one of the feared dualisiahuman-dragon hybrids.

With his neighbors clamoring for blood, Kasae flees into the wilderness. An undead cult hunts him for sacrifice; a hybrid army, bent on insurrection, demands his support. Both whisper of a powerful, draconic magic that could reopen the severed bridge. As he runs for his life, Kasae’s only allies are two hybrid runaways. With their help, he must live long enough to unravel the magic and repair the divide. Finally, a chance to belong—but if he fails, neither world will survive to welcome him home.

THE FIRE BREATHES is a YA high fantasy, and the first in a potential series.