Letters From The Query Trenches: January 2020

I sent my first query on January 6, 2020, and today is February 3, which means I’ve somehow survived these literary trenches for about a month. I think that was the longest month I’ve ever lived. Of all the questions rattling around my brain for the past several weeks, the primary one has been, “Are the responses I’m receiving about … Read More

THE LAST OF US is a Masterclass in POV

When discussing point of view (POV) in storytelling, we often default to literature. In today’s blog post, I’m here to argue that a video game—Naughty Dog’s since-remastered 2013 release, THE LAST OF US—provides a masterclass in how to leverage POV effectively, regardless of the medium in which you’re writing. Let’s start with the nitty-gritty: What’s POV, anyway? According to Reedsy, … Read More

So I’m Querying: A Publishing Journey Update

This is not the blog I intended to write this week. I was going to continue the series of writing lessons learned from video games, but as it turns out, there’s something more important and closer to my heart to discuss this week—so with a deep breath and a pounding pulse, here goes nothing. I’m going into the query trenches. … Read More

Just Start Writing: The Existential Fear of New Ideas

Two weeks ago, I concluded the #NaNoWriMo tips blog series. If you missed it, I discussed outlining plot, designing characters, constructing setting, and achieving your word count goals. Suddenly, I’m faced with countless possibilities for what to cover next; simultaneously, I’m approaching final edits on my YA fantasy, THE FIRE BREATHES, and I’ve started outlining the sequel. As a result, … Read More

Young Writers, This Blog is for You

Hello, reader. I’m Laura Genn. I have a story to tell—but more importantly, so do you. This blog is for both the electric moment that you conceptualize your hero and the painful sizzle of your motivation. It’s for lending wings to your dreams and ensuring that they can actually fly. It’s for the magic and the mess, the writing and … Read More