How I Got My Agent

Dragon book aesthetic

I signed with the first agent I ever queried. It took 8 months. Allow me to start at the beginning. January After spending fall 2019 on revisions, I officially started querying THE FIRE BREATHES–now lovingly nicknamed #dragonbook in case the title changes–at the beginning of January 2020. It was a new year, blossoming with possibilities. I was ready for it … Read More

Letters From The Query Trenches: January 2020

I sent my first query on January 6, 2020, and today is February 3, which means I’ve somehow survived these literary trenches for about a month. I think that was the longest month I’ve ever lived. Of all the questions rattling around my brain for the past several weeks, the primary one has been, “Are the responses I’m receiving about … Read More

Top 9 Querying Tips From Twitter’s #WritingCommunity

It’s officially 2020, and I’m back to blogging! Today’s topic was entirely unexpected. After cutting over 16,000 words from THE FIRE BREATHES and doing an absurd amount of line edits, I was finally ready to start querying—armed with existential dread, encouraging critique partners, and a querying group chat of constructive feedback and support along the way. About a week ago, … Read More