THE FIRE BREATHES: Official Prologue Preview

Since originally sharing this prologue, I’ve signed with a literary agent and am now preparing to go on submission with THE FIRE BREATHES. As a result, further edits will take place, and I will be adhering to greater levels of confidentiality. The sample pages have been temporarily removed. I hope someday they will sit on your bookshelves. Thanks, Laura Genn

Top 5 Worldbuilding Tips for Conquering #NaNoWriMo

Welcome back to the National Novel Writing Month blog series! In previous entries, you’ve explored the importance of outlining your plot and your characters. There’s only two more Mondays before #NaNoWriMo participants break from the starting line, hotly pursuing the elusive 50,000-word finish line. Now is the time to design your setting—before your daily word count looms over your creativity. … Read More

How to Develop Dynamic Characters for #NaNoWriMo

The “Star Wars” films (and books, and games, and beyond) feature laser swordfights in space. They include creatures that range from reptilian Rodians to (unfortunately) gangly Gungans. But chances are, when you think of the galaxy far, far away, you think of Luke Skywalker, staring hopefully at the twin suns, or Princess Leia, vaulting into the garbage chute instead of … Read More

3 Reasons You Can’t Survive Without an Outline for NaNoWriMo

You’re hours away from October, which means you’re only a month away from National Novel Writing Month. In honor of the annual 30 days of masochism, I’ll be sharing weekly tips here for anyone—especially young writers—who wants to maximize their literary productivity this November. If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo 2019, then first of all, you have my utmost respect as … Read More

Young Writers, This Blog is for You

Hello, reader. I’m Laura Genn. I have a story to tell—but more importantly, so do you. This blog is for both the electric moment that you conceptualize your hero and the painful sizzle of your motivation. It’s for lending wings to your dreams and ensuring that they can actually fly. It’s for the magic and the mess, the writing and … Read More