Space book aesthetic

When an asteroid struck the planet Pagomènos, it ceased rotating and split between the Daylands and Shadowlands. The asteroid, luminescent with inter-dimensional radiation, destroyed the colony’s advanced technology—and worse, it affected the colonists’ minds and their capacity for memory. Desperate, the Pagonians developed a new method of memory storage via a microchip implanted in the brain: the Morpheus chip.

Heir to the Daylands monarchy, teenage Kori doesn’t know if she’ll ever escape the watchful eye of her mother, the empress. Isolated and aching for friendship, she installs smuggled Morpheus chip memories into her robot companion, Aspect, attempting to raise them to sentience. When a mysterious message from the Shadowlands offers an illegal memory, Kori has a real chance to awaken Aspect—if she can brave the frozen crags, mutated nightfolk, and unchecked radiation of the planet’s dark side.

Most nightfolk fear how the asteroid’s radiation has mutated their bodies, but Adria, princess of the Shadowlands, embraces what she is: a monster, and a damn good one. When Kori's ship plummets into Adria's lightless world, Adria sees an opportunity to seize political advantage, holding the daylight heiress for ransom. But Kori doesn't want to go back to the Daylands at all—and as Kori's kindness, stubbornness, and familiar loneliness break down Adria's defenses, Adria doesn't want to send her home, either.

When Kori and Adria both stumble upon a secret that could disrupt the entire planet, their choice is stark: Maintain a lie for the general populace, or shatter their respective monarchies forever. Kori can become more than her mother’s echo; Adria can carve an identity beyond monster or princess. But to do it, they’ll have to work together, even as forbidden passion blooms between them.

BETWEEN SUN & SHADOW is a standalone YA science fantasy: a sapphic reimagining of Hades & Persephone in outer space.