What magic would you wield in THE DRAGONSPAWN SAGA?

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{“results”:{“trfk1”:{“id”:”trfk1″,”title”:”You are dualis draco-ignis.”,”image”:”http:\/\/lauragenn.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/11\/ricardo-gomez-angel-98jVaVuGv0-unsplash.jpg”,”imageId”:”486″,”desc”:”In layman\u2019s terms, that means you\u2019re half human, half fire dragon. The dragonhunters would call you fire dragonspawn.\r\nPassionate and powerful, you\u2019ll blaze through anything that threatens the people you love. You can control fire or summon your own, and you\u2019re immune to most natural burns.\r\nYour highest creature form is a red dragon.\r\nDiscover the world of dualisia in … Read More